Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Week 7 - Repeated shape.

The documented Life project

February 8, 2014  Challenge (Week Seven) - Draw one shape - repeat - add color.

For this challenge I chose the heart shape and the kimono shape.

love shapes

Under-neath these hearts it says The Japanese word for love is both Ai and koi. As both words translated to love in English. A love for the opposite sex or for a specific person. Ai is the same koi. Ai is always giving and real love. Koi can be selfish and always wanting.

Did you know the Japanese don't say I Love You as often as the people in the west mainly because of culture differences. i am not surprised if someone from japan says they have never used the expression in their life.

On top of the hearts it says
Everyone says love hurts but that's not true.
Rejection hurts,losing someone hurts

But reality is love is the only thing in this world that covers any pain we feel

 here are my kimono shapes

i have layered the kimono shape on top of another kimono shape in sizes
Atc behind flap

close up of atc

picture of atc and picture on 1st page of kimono's 
Behind the dragon is a flap that holds a dragon Atc.

and this pages is followed by a page of some other Atc's i made

Random page. Atc's made using recycled items.

oriental atc 

Kimono atc 

artist trading card

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