Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Week 14 - My name in english and Japanese

Week Fourteen - My name in English and Japanese

Julie is the name only given to those who deserve and respect it. There is no 
such thing as simply "A Julie," as anyone with the name of Julie deserves 
special recognition, because, obviously, it is the best name in the world. 
Anyone named Julie should be addressed as "The Julie" because no Julie is 
ordinary and each and every Julie is worthy of such a title; their name is 

An Atc of my name

Definition of my name:

Sweet and downy haired girl, changeable, and often misunderstood and complex. A fearful creature as well as highly loyal. She will rule your affection and once you have hers it will be forever. 

another definition of my name is 1. A popular French name meaning youthful, soft-haired and vivacious. 

2. A woman who is hated by woman due to her care free ways and ability to have men swoon at her very sight.

3.an awesome girl that loves her friends, family, and animals. cares for earth, and is a strong supporter of many opinions. a very opinionated person. open minded to all suggestions and loves to have a good time. straight-edge. always down for a party.

by Julie

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