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The Documented Life Project - Week one - The front door

My Oriental Documented Life Project.

One part planner plus one part art journal and one part weekly challenge equals an amazing year of organization, inspiration and community. I have joined in the Documented Life Project challenges.

The oriental Documented Life Project.

I have started my journal with a verse from the Tao.

One step at a time.

                                                   Week one.

My Journal starts with two quotes that have inserted behind a page I have added to my journal. i.e The title page.
quotes written on a tag & inserted behind cover page.

Quote One...
Life is a series of doors opening and closing, experiencing change and new life challenges. Each of us has different experiences from the very first door we come through when we arrive on this planet to the very last door we open when we leave

Quote Two...
I have closed the door of my past and opened a new one to step through and move forward into the future. I have renewed hope in my heart aspiring in my step and will make the next chapter of my life one to remember.

One step forward

This is followed by the first page of my Journal. This starts with this quote.

Without opening your door
You can open your Heart to the world
Without looking out your window
You can see the essence of the TAO.

A step forward no matter how small it may be, is still a step in the right direction. R Wright

then i wrote this on the page before challenge one

Follow my steps to unlock the door to view my vision of creativity.

Remember the entrance door to sanctuary is inside you.

January 1, 2014 - Week One - Photograph, sketch, paint or incorporate your front door.

As the door opens on our new year, we all share the bond of having an entry into our home,  our lives, ourselves.
Through the artistic medium of your choice, show us a bit of where you live in the symbol of your door, entryway or porch. Think a bit about how you can use your door to express your personality, your life, what you value.

I was inspired by a card i made for my son's birthday.

                                                          THE DOOR..............

Now my journey begins.

 Behind the closed door is a written quote about a door.

Quote: Commitment Unlocks the Door of Imagination.
              Allows Vision and gives us the right stuff to turn our
                   Dreams into Reality.

This is followed by a bird hidden behind a vase.

Oriental vase.

bird hidden behind vase.

                                               My second door.

Come visit inside my home..... I am now going to share with you the various themes in my house via some atc's that I had in my stash.

Second Door
The various themes inside my home follows
Bathroom - Nautical
Kitchen... chrome and black - Harley Davidson
Sitting room - Egyptian
Hallway - Gothic
My Bedroom - Oriental
Office - Me to you bears...

I have also almost always had birds in each of my homes, ranging from Finches, Budgies, Love Birds and hand tamed Cockatiels.

Atc showing themes in my house

Harley Davidson themed kitchen
My tatty office

Choose a door to reveal something about your personality.
We’ve all seen various personality tests that tell us a little about our fortune and personality like this one that says the door you choose reveals secrets about your soul,

They Say The Door You Pick Can Tell Your Future. Mine Was So Accurate, It’s Scary!

Go on, try it. you know you want to....

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